Great Diamond Hoax, Colorado, 1872

Recording in the Wyoming-Colorado Badlands. The fine weather is deceptive: five minutes later, a full blizzard.

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  • Dana Law


    Thank you for the audio postcard. It's always a pleasure to hear your authoritative voice on subjects you're investigating.

    It increases interest in your future books.

    Congratulations on becoming an American citizen. We're lucky to have you.

    Dana Law

    San Diego, Ca

  • Roisinmcauley

    A much better listen than the boring radio 4 feature which I switched off just now. I look forward to more audio postcards.

  • Alasdair

    Are we better educated these days? As soon as you mentioned the three disparate gems were all together, my first thought was that I didn't think they would all nbe found in the exact same place. Amazing that they almost got away with it, thanks you for this!

  • Modbeach

     So great to hear one of the most talented writers in America in audio. I loved a crack in the earth! I'll never think of terra-firma in the same way again! Now diamonds, sapphires and rubies? Tell me more...

  • Ganymede

     Love the audio postcards.  Can't wait for each new book.  Bravo!

  • Michael Faulkner

    Good story, those were the days. Hope the trip's going well.

  • Valbax39

    Simon, where are you?  It's June - time for another postcard.

  • John Bouillon MD

    An amazing and  innovative blog! Congrats on your American citizenship
    John Bouillon MD Dubai UAE

  • George Pafumi

    Hello Mr. Winchester,
    I met you personally in Milbrook NY at the Cary Arboritum just after you published your book "Atlantic".  I love all of your work.  I am looking forward to this 1872 book.  It is one of my favorite timesin history.  When will it be published? 

    Your friend in Geology
    George Pafumi
    Albany, NY