On 25th January Scotsmen around the world will get together in inelegant scrimmages at which much haggis and even more whisky will be consumed, all to honor Caledonia's greatest poet, Robert Burns, born 251 years before on this very day.
Not a few of the diners will be wearing the filibeg - the skirted garment of tartan cloth known in English, and defined by the OED, simply as

the kilt
The Gaelic phrase feileadh-beag means, specifically, a little thing of pleats (or a thing of little pleats, no-one is quite sure).

Old-timers in Scotland like to think of the filibeg as the little kilt, a shorter garment that displays the knees in a manner never known to the warriors of long ago. A sudden breeze can run the risk of the wearer showing even more, of course, given the current fashion for wearing little, if anything, beneath.

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